Epping Reclaim Limited


284 High Road, North Weald Bassett
CM16 6EG Epping
United Kingdom
51° 43' 22.5372" N, 0° 10' 50.0916" E
tel 01992 523657
BricksCobble stone and paversSlates, roof tiles and wall covers
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Contractor Missions

Sourcing and trading building materials.

Product operations

Salvaged materials are cleaned and palleted for delivery.

Matching slates and tiles.

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Epping Reclaim has been a family run business for over 30 years, based in Essex. They specialise in supplying reclaimed materials such as roof tiles, slates, York stone, flagstones and bricks. The reclaimed materials are sourced from all over the UK. Epping Reclaim can ensure high quality reclaimed materials. This is due to their relationship with demolition partners, who carefully use demolition techniques for dismantling. They also import and supply internationally reclaimed bricks, stones and tiles from parts of the world like China, India and the Netherlands. These materials are all carefully selected in person. Epping Reclaim is also proud of their vast range of roofing materials.