Ainscough Metals


Staveley Road
WN8 8DZ Skelmersdale
United Kingdom
53° 33' 26.2224" N, 2° 47' 50.9064" W
tel 01695 364210
Metal workSteel StructureTechnical installations
Contractor Missions

Structural Steel Marking and Certification
Transport and Delivery
Scrap and Waste Handling

Product operations

Bespoke Structural Solutions
Painting and Shot Blasting

Business hours

Monday: 8.00 am - 5.00 pm
Tuesday: 8.00 am - 5.00 pm
Wednesday: 8.00 am - 5.00 pm
Thursday: 8.00 am - 5.00 pm
Friday: 8.00 am - 5.00 pm
Saturday: 8.00 am - 12.00 pm
Sunday: CLOSED

Ainscough Metals is a steel supplier, fabricator and structural steel specialist based in Skelmersdale, Lancashire. They stock large quantities of new and reclaimed steel for clients situated in the UK and abroad. The company offers a wide range of services from cutting, cleaning and fabrication to delivery and construction product certification. Steel is sold by weight to a broad range of clients. This includes individuals from the agricultural sector, to large-scale contractors working in the construction industry.